World Class Digital Asset

What is BBC?.

BBC is a world class digital asset, with a comprehensive technology that includes digital currency, e-commerce, education platforms cater to its community members, both local and international. World without borders, BBC will be a sought after digital economic platform-running business online seamlessly.

How does BBC works?.

BBC caters a wide range of services for its community members. Doesn’t matter who they are as long as they have the drive to thrive in this ever changing digital economy. It is built on community technology and provides a better solution for the challenging digital world of commerce.

Big Boy Coin

BBC is a comprehensive technology that is home to digital currency, universal payments and applications. It has built booming digital economy, a new digital ways for running business online and so much more. Anywhere around the world-all you need is the Internet.

Big Boy Academy

Bigboys Academy is a part of Big Gameplan. The name of the game today is Databank. Bigboys Academy is the device to unite people and become a Big Data Value to create Market Demand.

White Straits Capital

One for All, All for One. Our mission is to promote personal development education and our vision to eliminate global unemployment and student debt.

What is BBC Community ?.

BBC develop its community around education platform and entrepreneurs. Demand on BBC is highly created by the trained-entrepreneurs from BigBoys Academy. The whole eco-system is chained to all BigBoys project to serve the whole BBC Community globally.

Hello BBC!.








# May 2021 - Big Boys Academy Launch
# September 2021 - BBCoin Official Launch
# October 2021 - BBChat Application Development
# January 2022 - Malaysia Community Development
# Mac 2022 - Earn Trust Wallet Logo
# April 2022 - Big Boys Academy MOU with Umaga Tech (From India)
# May 2022 - Staking
# June 2022 - BBChat Launching at University Putra Malaysia

Big Boy Coin Whitepaper


White Straits Capital

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Target - 1 Million Salesforce. Target Revenue - RM 2.5bn. Cost - RM 1.25bn @ 50%. Salesforce = Students = Consumer = Shareholder


Bigboys Cafe Restaurant


Bigboys Collection Fashion E-Commerce. Target 1 million consumer purchase